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Grooming your dog to look their best

Have your dog professionally groomed by the talented staff at Goodspice Kennels LLC. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. From hand-stripping to precision show grooming, we'll make sure your dog looks like a true winner.


The team at Goodspice Kennels LLC has been personally taught by our founder Margery Good, one of the country's top authorities on terrier grooming.

Specializing in terriers

While we specialize in breed specific grooming for terriers, our team has years of  experience in grooming all types of dogs. Hand-stripping is available for dogs that are currently being shown or your actively maintained pet. Maintaining regular intervals between grooming is important to your dogs well being and good looks.

Grooming is a true art

Even if your pup is not a show dog and you still want it to look its best, our groomers can creatively customize each trim to best suit your pet. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to de-mat your pet, so any mats will be cut out before styling.

Passionate about dog care

At Goodspice Kennels LLC, we truly care for each and every dog we work with. Our primary concern is always you and your furry friend. Since 1980, generations of show dogs have been born, boarded, and groomed at our kennels.

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